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MerchSensei is the best Merch by Amazon spy tool on the world. We watch sale rank of millions products everyday and analyze data to show you what are selling well

We build reports to help you spy good brands, good product and good keywords for your Merch by Amazon business

We focus on product sale rank and inform you about 15.000 best selling porducts everyday


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Show you all products which have today sale rank better than yesterday sale rank

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The fastest way to spy products with are selling well last 7 days

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Fastest way to find good selling brands from 300K brands

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Catch new brands everyday and se their perfomance

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Fastest way to spy raising Merch by Amazon brands


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Suggest best tailed words for your niche

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Best choice for newbie. Just see what are selling everyday to shape your idea

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All rank alerts

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All new brands

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All Products

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All new brands

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