Merch Sensei tool is a spy tool which manages millions of T-shirts on Merch By Amazon. These are what Merch Sensei Tool brings to you:

  • Spying by ranks:
    - What are well selling right now.
    - What has just got rank up, help you to catch up trends sooner.
  • Spying on all Brandnames: show you what brandnames have the best sales.
  • Spying on Hot Keywords: show you what keywords have the best sales.

There are many ways to find your best strategy base on our enormous data, others would simply look at the hot designs. Discover by yourself and be ready for waves of ideas.

Module Products

All Products

This Module provides ranks note of all products within 5 days to the recent. These are what you can do:

  • Filter the list view by searching the titles.
  • Filter the list view by a range of ranks. For example: choose shirts in rank 100k-150k (normally 2-3 sold per day with this ranking)
  • Filter the list view by a range of prices.
  • Find T-shirt by brandname.
  • Combine search fields and sorting (by clicking the header).


Rank Informer

Rank Informer shows you the t-shirts that got ranks up at a specific date. In other words, you can choose a date (eg: today, yesterday) and see what t-shirts have sales at that date. At the time of this manual, we record about 11,000 rank-up t-shirts daily. The utilities in this module are similar to the "all product" module":

  • You can easily choose what designs to do since you can sort t-shirts by ranks. But be careful with the trademarked ones. Some would simply look at the hotest designs, others would skip to lower ranking for lower competition.
  • Search by title to keep up a trend with new ideas everyday. It's wonderful that you know what are selling daily by other sellers.
  • Find out the designs that have made stunning sales. For example of how to do that, you choose the date to view is today. Then sort the ranks by yesterday column from biggest number. You will see the designs that have just made big growth sales. See the image below for your reference:


New Products

Everyday, Merch Sensei Tool adds over 20,000 of new products to Database. New Products Module helps you to spy on these new t-shirts. Turn on the "Sold Only" option and you will see the fresh t-shirts that got ranks up.


Good Selling Products

Good Selling Products Module helps you to spy on the t-shirts that constantly make sales in a several recent days. Such products on Amazon usually have good ranks day by day. For example, you could find the t-shirts that always have under-200k ranking in the last 3 days.

It's even cooler, you might want to turn on "Rank Inscrease Constantly" to findout those that increase ranking day by day.


Removed Products

This interesting module (only provided by Merch Sensei Tool) shows you the t-shirts that have been deleted everyday. There are 4 reasons for a t-shirt to be removed on Merch: Infringement, Account Termination, No Sales or Deleted By Sellers. Whatever it is, it's very useful for you to recheck and improve your own designs.


Another way to spy Merch, is to spy on brandnames. At the time of this manual, there are about 350,000 live brands. You will find valuable ideas if you give it some time. Merch Sensei helps you to find the best brands to take a look at.

Firstly, you should understand these term:

  • Total: the total number of t-shirts of a brand recorded in Merch Sensei system.
  • Under350K: The number of t-shirts that have ranks under 350k (better than 350k).
  • Under200K: The number of t-shirts that have ranks under 200k
  • Under100K: The number of t-shirts that have ranks under 100k
  • Under50K: The number of t-shirts that have ranks under 50k
  • Under10K: The number of t-shirts that have ranks under 10k

The idea of this spying strategy is simple. Look at brand, see how many t-shirts are under 100k, 200k... rankings, you will know whether the brand is selling well or not.


All Brands

You could filter brands by keyword, or sort by the sales volume. Below is the example to find the brands that have less than 100 t-shirts but have at least 2 t-shirts that have their ranks under 200k

As you can see above, our tool shows you the best brandnames from hundreds of thousands brands by a single click.

TIP: click at the header of column "Under50k" to sort results and see what brands have the best selling shirts.


New Brands

This module show you new brands that Merch Sensei Tool discovers everyday. Finding new brands that have sales and following them is another good spying strategy.

Keyword Ideas

Keyword Module is not only a nice place to find new ideas but also a good suggestion for the keywords of your shirts. In compare with the other tools where you have no idea about their keywords ranking mechanism, Merch Sensei's approach is simply counting the words in titles. My point is, if you know the keywords appear frequently in the rank-under-100k t-shirts, you would know these are good selling keywords. '


Top Words

This module has a main function:

  • Find 200 keywords appear the most in the titles of rank-under-300k t-shirts.
  • Find 300 keywords appear the most in the titles of rank-under-200k t-shirts.
  • ...

Now with this function, you don't have to research for new hot niches some where else. Keywords are niches. Just choose keywords from the best, spy on them and make designs.'


New Words

This module list the new keywords that appear on Merch the first time. Some members like to observe this module because it usually alerts rare niches with low competitives designs.


Trending Words

This interesting module is a good helper to alert you coming trends. It lists the keywords that have big increments in recent few days. You can use it like these examples

  • Find the most raising keywords in the last 3 days.
  • Find the most raising keywords in the rank-under-350k t-shirts in the last 3 days.

This is where you can catch up with trends in time.


Tail Words

Assuming that you want to go with niche "teacher", so how to know the best keywords going with the word "teacher"? This module answer you that.

The example below show you the keywords that appear the most with "teacher" in the rank-under-200k t-shirts.